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Kindly carefully read all our terms and conditions and privacy policy, this is considered an agreement between Aiething and it’s users and by using Aiething you confirm that you agree on our terms and conditions.

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Aiething will not initiate any order until this order has been paid for by you, any order that hasn’t been fully paid will not be considered an order. You can easily follow our payment instructions for successful order completion.

All orders made on are subject to acceptance or rejection from our side, and email will be sent to you after order completion informing you by the acceptance or rejection of the order. You will be updated by the status of your order by email.

If you decide that you don’t want the order after it has been dispatched, you can simply reject the delivery and inform us by mail after you reject the delivery. Once the order is returned to us, you will be refunded according to our refund policy (mentioned below).

In some cases orders include products that are heavy or have large shapes, it is your responsibility to ensure that the order will be successfully and freely entered to your home, and not stumbled by any door entrance or stairs, and to be suitable for the size of the place it will be put in, knowing that the description of the item includes its dimensions along with its weight.

Your contact information must be up to date in order for us to be able to reach you.


All the products listed on our website are subject to availability, in case any order was placed and the item is not available, you will be notified by email and refunded as soon as possible. It is important to mention that it is rarely the case that a product is listed while being out of stock.

Product image and relative dimensions

The product images shown on the website are only illustrative images and don’t necessarily show the actual dimensions of the product in real life. In order to know the exact dimensions of any product, kindly check the description of the product below the product image.


It is possible that the price of any product change over time, due to reasons related to the manufacturer or to Aiething, but once an order is placed it will not be affected by any change in the price afterward.

All the price included in the website are VAT inclusive but do not necessarily include shipping costs. Shipping costs, if any, will be shown on the product page and added to the total cost in the checkout page.


Aiething delivers its products anywhere in the UK. The timescales provided to you for the delivery of any order are just estimates, orders may take more or less time than the time scales provided to you.

Once an order is placed, you will be sent an email including the delivery details and the estimated time it will take, but as mentioned above, these are just estimates, although Aiething will certainly make every reasonable effort in order for you to receive your order within the expected timescale.

If the order was delivered to the address that you provided and no one was available to receive it, the order will be considered canceled and you will be subject to return cost, it is better to make sure that there will be someone to receive the order in the given address.

In case you have any question regarding your order, kindly contact [email protected]

Cancellation and return policy

We are confident with the quality of our products and sure that they will either meet our customers’ expectation or even be above expectations. In some rare cases, our customers choose to cancel or return an order, there are three possible scenarios:

Cancellation before delivery

You have the legal right to cancel your order anytime before delivery without giving any reason, in such case, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] mentioning the order number and informing us that you are canceling the order.

After we receive your email we will cancel your order and will refund you the total amount that you paid in your order with no deductions whatsoever.

Refunds usually take 3 to 5 working days to be completed.

Cancellation after delivery (giving a reason)

In case you received the order and you found anything wrong with the order, a faulty or broken item, wrong color, or even wrong item, etc.., you have the total right, within 48 hours after delivery, to return the item without any obligations on yourself, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] mentioning the order number and fault type and requesting a return.

In such case, your order will be returned and you will be refunded the total amount that you paid, without any deductions, except if there was any loss or damage caused by you, we will calculate the cost of the damage and this cost will be deducted.

Cancellation after delivery (for no reason)

You have the legal right to cancel any order within the first 48 hours after delivery without giving any reason, although in this case you will be deducted a specific amount for return-shipping.

We can’t give a fixed rate for this cost since it varies according to the quantity, volume, and condition of the order, we can only give average estimates which may be more or less depending on the order, the estimates are as follows:

  • Light delivery (from 5kg to 20kg), the cost could be between 5£ to 25£ according to the order.
  • Heavier delivery (from 25kg and up), the cost could be between 30£ to 60£ according to the order.
  • Any damage caused by you will be evaluated and deducted as well.

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